About The Author

Robert Skarda..
                     Long time Georgia resident and archaeology /history researcher..sharing lost tales of Georgia!
  His passion for the history and prehistory  of the region is clearly on display in the print series -The Forgotten People of Old Oconee.  
The first book -
Scull Shoals: The Mill Village That Vanished in Old Georgia was his first history book  published 2006 to fill the need for an in depth written resource to share with visitors to the ruins at the 19th.C mill site. While serving the community as  the active president of the non-profit ,Friends of Scull Shoals and as an regular avocational archaeologist  and historic ruins tour guide he is specially qualified to introduce the fascinating story of the rise and fall of the  once powerful 19th C. mill village through site archaeology and stories of rich and commoners.  Read to discover why this ancient site at the shoals of the Oconee River, today lies abandoned in the Oconee National Forest.

For his second book published in 2010, Early Oconee Indians: A Rich Life by the River,Robert extensively researched the prehistory of the first Georgians by way of  shovels and books.  As an active member of the Society of Georgia Archaeology and the Greater Atlanta Archaeological Society, he has culled the research produced by numerous professionals from various archaeological digs in the state to develop the prehistoric arrival time line for the Native Americans  and their subsequent expansion and cultural growth of settlements.    Fictional short stories inserted between the prehistoric facts illuminate the lifestyle events possible in the Indian life before the white visitors changed the region forever.   
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